Keike McGill, Host of Indie Artist Showcase

Dove Net TV 16’s FLAGSHIP show “Indie Artist Showcase”, hosted by Keike McGill has been launched!

Just CLICK HERE to be taken to the episode!

As always, give us your thoughts after you’ve viewed the video and let us know what you thought!


Keike McGill, Host of Indie Artist Showcase

Welcome to Dove Net TV 16, a web-only broadcasting network brought to you by Dove Entertainment.

Founded April, 2010, our mission is to show original programming focusing on Arts and also Entertainment.

Our Flagship show, “Indie Artist Showcase”, Hosted by Keike McGill, will be launching late May, with a special, two segment episode.

The first segment will feature two independent musicians from Charlotte, NC singer/songwriter/producer Saint Paul and NC rapper Skell Washington

The second segment will be the closing of the interveiw of  both artist.

Stay tuned as we add more original, exciting,  and entertaining shows to this ground-breaking new Web-TV station, Dove Net TV 16!